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  • Andrea Burke - Personal Training
  • Andrea Burke - Personal Training

About Andrea (Henkel) Burke

I was a young child, in the late 1970s, when I began skiing in Germany. In addition to crosscountry–skiing, I attended gymnastics classes the first couple of years of school. In eighth grade, I became a full-time student in a German sports school as a biathlete. After finishing school, I became a professional athlete in the great sport of biathlon.

I am a four-time Olympic athlete, winning two Olympic gold medals and eight World Championchip titles. As a personal trainer, I have the life-long experience as a professional athlete as well as a variety of certifications in personal training, nutrition, and related fields.

My Medals

Since retiring from Olympic and World Cup competition, I live in Lake Placid, with my husband, U.S. Biathlete Tim Burke, and continue to travel between that great former Olympic village and key locations in Europe to participate in a number of professional activities.

More about this phrase of my life you can find HERE

Personal Training

Personal-training Personal-training

Personal Training is as unique as each individual client. As your professional fitness expert, it is an honor for me to help you reach your fitness goals and improve your quality of every day life.

It doesn't matter what goals you have, what shape you are in, or how old you are. After your initial consultation, you will begin individualized training to quickly make progress on your goals

Your Personal Training sessions will fit in your daily live. We will find the times which work best for you, in order for our workouts to become a routine priority in your life.

We can set up short-term plans (days, weekends) or longer term objectives (seasonal, year-round) in a number of activities, including skiing, running, walking, hiking, cycling, stretching, mobilization, and functional or specific strength.

As your personal trainer, I also will answer your questions about nutrition, relaxation and/or training plans.

  • aeroscan

Analysis / Endurance Test

For Athletes

Effective training is all about efficiency! The aeroscan® is the best physiological test I know. These test results will improve the efficacy of any training program and produce more results with less effort.

Using the aeroscan® test protocol, you will learn your optimal fat burning zones, aerobic capacity zones, and maximal training zones.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced competitive athlete, with the aeroscan® test you avoid overtraining and “pointless“ training sessions.You will train at the optimum training intensity from the very first minute.

» Why take an endurance test?
» How does the aeroscan® endurance test work?
» Why is the aeroscan® the best endurance test in the world?
» How to take the test?
» For proper test results, make sure:
» How to work with the aeroscan® test result?
» I train multiple sports, in which one should I take the test?
» How to see improvements?
» Why take a test close to a race?

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For Weight Management

You go running few times a week and wondering why you don´t loose any weight? You might want to know your most effective zones to burn fat. The areoscan® test will tell you exactly how many calories you burn from which nutritional resource at each moment.

» Why take the aeroscan® slimfit fitness test?
» How does the aeroscan® slimfit fitness test work?
» How to take the test?
» For proper test results make sure:
» How to work with the aeroscan® test result?
» At which cardio machine I should take the test?
» Why is it good to take a re-test?

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Exercising on a regular basis is one of the key points for a healthy lifestyle, but only one. Another critical point, which all of us do on an even more regular basis – is eating. Why do we eat? We want to provide our body with energy. We want to feed our cells daily with all macro and micro nutrients that they need in order to perform various functions so that we can be healthy.

You can find high quality macro and micro nutrients in healthy, organic, whole foods (foods which are not packaged or processed). For individuals with little stress in life, a perfect healthy lifestyle complete with exercise and high quality foods with the aim of simply not getting sick, this might be enough (maybe). But perhaps you are like the majority of people, who are busy with work and life, possibly training for a specific event. For individuals like this it might be time to consider high quality supplements for your energy, recovery, immunity and overall wellbeing to fill the gaps and allow you to achieve a higher quality of health.

As an active, health conscious individual, I like to eat healthy, enjoy big salads and a wide variety of vegetables, but once in a while (like the majority of people) I have french fries, nachos, or other processed, convenience foods. As a business owner, I love being with clients, coaching and supporting them in exercise and nutrition all while I myself dive deeper into interesting topics like the neurological system, nutrition, exercising. My very busy and active lifestyle is exciting, but also requires good energy. Like many people, the combination of work, play and stress requires a lot from my cells and because if it very difficult to get optimal levels of nutrients from food alone I choose to supplement with a high quality product in order to achieve optimal health. I am so happy I found the Usana Health Sciences products, as they have truly been a great solution for my health. This company creates the highest quality, potent and pure products, which nourish, protect and renew my cells. These products have supported my health, recovery and immunity, but also my skin – an organ, which I want to take care of as well.

If you have any questions about the products, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I am here to support you and your health. Finding eating habits which will work for you and your life and supplements to boost the micronutrient needs of your cells. I truly believe that with this combination of support you will feel the difference in energy, which could be the most important aspect for achieving greater health and happiness.

As a former professional athlete, I am happy I found this company. Finding a product partner I could trust was really important to me. With Usana and their science based approach, I have confidence personally consuming and recommending their products which are produced to pharmaceutical grade standards in an FDA approached manufacturing facility, where what is on the label is in the bottle. Additionally, I was excited by their Athlete Guarantee (http://usanaathletes.com) which states that their professional and Olympic athletes will not test for a banned substance. They put their money behind this statement with a one million dollar athlete guarantee. This is truly unique in the supplement industry and shows the safety and high quality of these products. It is the reason over 3000+ professional and Olympic athletes trust their health to Usana, as their body is their business.

If you would like to take a look, please use the link below. If you have any questions, I am happy to connect and discuss the right program for you.

» Click here for US
» Click here for GER

My recommendation for the majority of people would be to start with CellSentials and Biomega. I encourage creating an auto order that can be postponed, changed, canceled…. at any time. By placing auto orders, you will save and additional 10% for a total of 20% off these incredible products.

Life Kinetik

Shift your brain into a higher gear!

Every one of us uses the 100 billion brain cells we are born with differently. None of us, however, comes even close to realizing but a fraction of his/her brain's true potential.

Life Kinetik is a fun, active and scientifically designed training that helps us get closer to realizing the true capacity our brains possess. And the results are surprisingly quick to recognize. There have been multiple studies, such as the ones undertaken by both the University of Cologne as well as the Center for Mental health in Germany, which conclusively show that life Kinetik training increases the capacity of the brain and it's Problem solving intelligence. In Life Kinetik training the brain is challenged coordinitively, cognitively and visually. The principle is simple, introduce active movements while at the same time engaging the brain. Life Kinetik training has been developed in such a way that no one practices the same activity to the point where they experience competency in the task. Instead, Life Kinetik training keeps the brain confused.

This training helps the brain to build new synapses. These additional synapses allow the brain to access dormant brain cells which leads to higher performance, flexibility and processing speed for our brains.
The positive results shown through Life Kinetik training include stress reduction, higher concentration, faster action and reaction, better coordination, error reduction, better visual acuity as well as delays the symptoms of Dementia.

Life Kinetik allows us, through its unique and complex methodology, to provide challenges to the brain...for life! As a result, Life Kinetik is the connection between physical activity and lifelong learning. In addition, Life Kinetik training also includes training in functional optometry, which is training of the visual field.There is no other training like Life Kinetik!

Im a qualified lifekinetik trainer and certified coach. Let's train and have fun.

read more » www.lifekinetik.com


For Athletes

Life Kinetik has proven to be extremely beneficial for athletes from myriad sport types. Soccer clubs, skiers, golfers, Tennis, basketball and ice hockey players have all benefited from exposure to Life Kinetik, and are champions for Life Kinetik! Don't get left behind, let Life Kinetik work for you or your team.

For Kids & Adults

Data compiled from surveys conducted by various institutes, universities and by ourselves, based on the evaluation of more than 450 questionnaires with respondents from all age groups showed the following: In a 10-12 week training program with weekly training sessions of 60 minutes, 97% of the participating children and 91% of the participating adults showed significant improvement in at least one of the listet areas: concentration, better quality sleep, self-confidence, stress resistance, organization skills, workflow, creativity, solving and overcoming problems, multi tasking, mental balance, joy and happiness, patience. In addition most of the adults were able to reduce their error rates.

For Senior Citizen

In America alone 10,000 people turn 65 each day! One of, if not the greatest, concern for them is "how do I maintain my cognitive abilities and my memory as I age." Life Kinetik has shown to not only delay, but In some situations, even reverse mental decline. Life Kinetik participants have had fun while improving memory and quality of life. In addition to the cognitive benefits, Life Kinetik has proven to improve their physical fluency. This improvement has resulted in better balance, coordination and peripheral vision which all results in fewer falls; one of the greatest dangers to the elderly.


Andrea Burke

Andrea Burke
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